One Ummah Foundation brings hope to families by providing moral, emotional and material support through charitable donations to:

  • provide school materials, and/or
  • developing infrastructures that support children and families, and/or
  • assist families achieve self-sufficiency using microfinance, and/or
  • other charitable activities.

The primary goal of the One Ummah Foundation is to reduce the incidence of child labor by creating greater opportunity for education and by reducing families’ need to rely on their children as income-earners freeing the children to attend school.

In our work, One Ummah Foundation believes that creating a network of existing organizations with whom we are in a long-term relationship is the most effective way to create changes. These organizations are operated independently of the One Ummah Foundations. However, any funding we provide are used in the way we designate. One Ummah are tracked to ensure that they are only used for the purposes to which they are designated by One Ummah.