Board of Directors

Salma Ahmad
Bernie Krisher
John Lassell
Tom McCaulley
Mohammad S. Rahman
Tasneem S. Rahman
David Streight
Don Vallaster
Abdul Rahman Zamawi
Sami Mohammed
John Foster
Nora Semonsen


Mohammad S. Rahman, Co-Founder
Tasneem S. Rahman, Co-Founder


Mohammad Saeed Rahman is the founder of several business ventures and two non-profit organizations. His ventures include Rubicon Global Asset Management, Rubicon Global Holdings, Rubicon Global Research, AlwaysOn Network, Maui-Rubicon Broadband and Z-Motors US.

Mr. Rahman has 25 years experience in the financial industry as Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager at Wachovia and Vice President for Private Clients at Merrill Lynch.

Mr. Rahman received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Portland State University. He attends Reed College and is currently working towards his Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) at Reed. Mr. Rahman received his Investment Management Analyst Certification from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Rahman was an adjunct professor at the School of Marketing & Finance at Portland State University for eighteen years and has served as a Board Member for the Portland State Endowment Foundation.

Mr. Rahman is the founder of the One Ummah Foundation and founder & chairman of the Institute of Halal Investing, an independent global nonprofit think tank on Islamic finance, banking & investing.