One Ummah Foundation was founded in loving memory of Mustafa Saeed Rahman who died tragically 6 days before his 12th birthday. The Rahman family endowed the One Ummah Foundation, whose name means: "One People", with the knowledge that the best way to honor Mustafa would be through the work of helping children worldwide.

One Ummah Foundation has successfully provided many different types of funding to accomplish the following projects:

  • School refurbishment in Karachi, Pakistan;
  • Construction of technical and vocational schools in Jakarta, Indonesia;
  • Construction of three primary schools in Rathnikari, Cambodia;
  • Community disaster relief and education in Colombo, Sri Lanka;
  • Milk for widows and orphans in Bibile, Sri Lanka; and,
  • School materials and facilities for a public school in Tatum, Cameroon.

Between 1999 and 2010, One Ummah Foundation made a direct impact on the lives of over 50,000 people in six countries.