One Ummah’s work in Cameroon occurs through EDUCARE Africa, a nonprofit run by Pavla Zakova-Laney. The non-profit is based in Albany, Oregon and supports the village of Tatum in Northwest Cameroon near Bamenda. Pavla was a Peace Corps worker in Cameroon from 1996 to 1999. Upon her return to Oregon, she started EDUCARE Africa.

EDUCARE Africa provides assistance for several schools in villages near Bamenda, primarily in Tatum where she was a Peace Corps worker at Government High School (G.H.S.) Tatum. Recently, EDUCARE Africa raised money to help provide laboratory equipment for a science lab (biology, chemistry and physics). The lab was constructed using $32,000 raised by the local P.T.A., who also raised $4,000 towards some of the laboratory equipment.

More information is available on the EDUCARE Africa website.