Sri Lanka

One Ummah works with two organizations in Sri Lanka: Al Muslimaath, based in Colombo serving the entire country, and Baithul Khair Foundation, which is based and operates in Bibile (in Uva Province),
a village in Eastern Sri Lanka.

Al Muslimaath is an association of Sri Lankan Muslim Women and Girls which provides assistance to people in need of assistance in a large number of areas.
Our support has concentrated on areas in which people are thrown into need due to external events like storms or the death of a spouse or parent. In addition, we provide funds to help students attend primary school, secondary school and university.

Baithul Khair Foundation provides milk to widows and orphans, school uniforms to schoolchildren and assists with other needs in the community as they arise.

Neither organization depends solely on the funds provided by the One Ummah Foundation and a substantial portion of the funds they use come from other sources including sources within Sri Lanka.

In late 2007, Al Muslimaath and Baithul Khair Foundation will assist us in a pilot study of the feasibility of our equity-based microfinance model.