Please Contribute

Support the mission of One Ummah Foundation by making a contribution to the programs of One Ummah Foundation. Since our founding, generous contributions from our donors has made a positive impact on tens of thousands of lives. If you have any questions about giving to One Ummah Foundation, please contact us at (503) 997–2007.

Payment Methods


Donate Online using PayPal or your credit/debit card.




Please mail checks to our office:

One Ummah Foundation
7 Walking Woods
Lake Oswego, OR 97035

Direct Bank Deposits

Account Name: One Ummah Foundation
Bank Name: Wells Fargo Bank
Bank Address: 420 Montgomery, San Fransisco, CA 94104
Wire Routing Transit Number (ABA): 121000248
Account Number: 2094086200


**Wells Fargo customers please note: Include the following info for transfer:

Account Name: One Ummah Foundation

Account Number: 2094086200

Receipient: (First Name) - Mohammad, Last Name - Rahman


If you are sending money from outside the United States, you may also need the following SWIFT number.


Any Questions? Please give us a call.

Mohammad Rahman (cell): 503-997-2007

Efficient Use of Contributions

At least 100% of the contributions we receive are used to support our programs. We are able to have such an efficient operation because we are fully staffed by volunteers in the United States and the other countries in which we work.

The contributions we direct to programs are administered by our volunteers on the ground. Most of these volunteers are successful professionals working on their own to help the communities in which they live. We provide funding for the work they do which aligns closest with our mission.

Tax-Deductible Contributions

All contributions may be tax-deductible in the United States because One Ummah Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. Upon receipt of your contribution, we will mail you a tax receipt.