OneUmmah on Dealmaker Middle East Magazine (4/02/2009)

Dealmaker Middle East (issue Feb/Mar 2009) features One Ummah Foundation on a one-page article under the title of "They are the Future". Please, read the PDF scanned page here: dealmaker_oneummah.pdf.

A New Pre-School in Sri Lanka (3/24/08)

We wish to inform you that we have completed the work of pre-school in Kanulwela. We are planning to commence the pre-school on April first 2008. 52 students have already registered for the admission.

We extend our sincere gratitude for all your support extended towards this project.

Many thanks and salaams,

Hassim Abdul Nasar
Baithul Khair Foundation 
Bibile, Sri Lanka.

Some pictures of the new pre-school:

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Dear all, (3/20/08)

One of the rising star of OneUmmah Foundation is a young journalist Ms Abida Anjum in Punjab Province in Faisalabad City. She has done a great job with very small resources to make a difference in the lives of so many children and other needy folks on the ground.

OneUmmah needs your help NOW. If everyone can get us $50 a month to few hundred a month we will be able to touch the lives of few thousand more children. TIME IS OF ESSENCE because each day that passes by without proper education is a loss to our whole universe.

How many of you are willing to say that I do care and here is my check or my pledge. This is what your help will do.

  1. 500 hundred dollars we can buy furniture for an Orphanage in Mexico.
  2. 10 dollars a month will pay for tuition for a poor kid in Pakistan/India/Bangledesh.
  3. 50 dollars a month will take care of room and board for a child in SriLanka orphanage.
  4. 20 dollars a month will buy ration for a poor elderly widow in Bibile SriLanka.
  5. 200 dollars will put a roof and repair a whole house/shack in the Cyclone Sidr area in Bangladesh.
  6. 25 dollars will buy the whole year supply of school books etc in Paksitan/India/Cameron etc.

Hope this information will enable you all to at least commit for 1 small project. CAN I COUNT ON YOUR HELP? Any questions please call me at 503-997-2007.


Mohammad Saeed Rahman
One Ummah Foundation.

Some pictures from Ms Abida Anjum:

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Dear Friends of the One Ummah Foundation (3/13/08)

We request your help in meeting the financial needs of some of our most exciting and worthy projects. These include supporting existing programs and schools through monetary funding for teacher salaries, textbooks, materials and building new schools.

In Faisalabad, Pakistan, a young teacher oversees a program where she serves children between the ages of 7 and 12. Children at her school receive not only an education, but the school provides free meals as well. We continue to support this teacher and others in similarly functioning programs. The Little Scholar School in Sukkur, Pakistan, was established with $5,000 and currently serves 50 children. The school was established by a couple who, while living in the U.S., saw the value of using a more inclusive teaching style, which is absent in most schools in Pakistan. We are expanding the outreach of this school and are currently trying to raise $7,500 to build a neighboring school for teenage girls.

The need for education is very great in these impoverished areas as is the risk to these children’s lives. In the seven countries that our programs serve (Bangladesh, Cambodia, Cameroon, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Pakistan), per capita income is amongst the lowest in the world. With poverty at their doorstep, many parents have no choice but to send their children to work in factories and in the houses of their more affluent citizenry. Child labor continues to haunt countries where parents either cannot support the family or are too sick to work and thus the task of supporting the family falls on the shoulders of its youngest members.

One Ummah is now in its ninth year of helping children and families in underdeveloped countries end child labor and combat the effects of poverty and illiteracy. Our goal is to give children the opportunity to attend school at no cost to the families. With the help of trusted and local volunteers and contacts, we are able to develop programs as well as contribute to existing efforts that meet each community’s specific needs and concerns. In addition to building schools, we continue to support these schools, by sending the funds necessary to supply textbooks, teaching materials, and healthcare, many times contributing to the housing and nutrition of the families. At least 97% of our donations go directly to help the people we serve. We extend our efforts beyond the individual child, and assess ways to make education accessible for families and their children.

Money comes and goes. We give it so readily, we sometimes barely notice it is there before it is gone. In developing countries, where per capita income falls well below the U.S. poverty line, a donation of $150 will allow a child to attend school for one year while a donation of $12.50 will allow a child to attend school for one month.

In a world that is constantly at battle with itself and its neighbors, education remains the steadfast proponent of peace, recognition and understanding. Education, once established, will never leave and never lose. We thank you, as friends of our foundation, for your continued support and your past contributions. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of these children.

In closing, we request your help in meeting the financial needs of our newest projects, as well as existing ones like the schools in Faisalabad and Sukkur. Every dollar you contribute makes a world of difference. Please send your donation in the enclosed envelope.

With gratitude,

Mohammad S. Rahman
One Ummah Foundation

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"Ending the cycle", One Ummah on LO Review (2/14/08)

Lake Oswego Review of Oregon features One Ummah Foundation. Please, read the article here:

ABC News feature on American Assistance for Cambodia (2/7/07)

One Ummah Foundation founder joined the board of Council for Spiritual and Ethical Education (6/19/05)

Mohammad Rahman, a founder of One Ummah Foundation has been offered to serve on the board of CSEE and has accepted the challenge.

To learn more about the CSEE go to their website at: